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Convivialism, a resolutely relational philosophical approach to the world, sets out 5 principles and an imperative to guide the reconstruction of our societies. The manifesto presents them and gives directions in which to move towards a post-neoliberal world. If liberalism has brought freedom to flourish, and modernization, convivialism will bring conviviality, individual and collective emancipation. It is signed by 275 personalities from 33 countries: a nascent Convivialist international.

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You can discover here parts of the English version of the Second Convivialist Manifesto

Abstracts from the Second Manifesto are available here in several languages

English – Convivialism in a few words

Español – Convivialimo en pocas palabras

Italiano – Il convivialismo : brevi cenni

Português : Convivialismo em poucas palavras

Romanian: Convivialismul în câteva cuvinte

Abstracts from the first manifesto in several languages:

English: Convivialism

Deutsch: Konvivialismus

Español : Convivialista

Português : Convivialista

Italiano : Convivialista

Romanian: Convivialismul

Türk : Yaşama

Chinese : 共生主义宣言

Japanese : 共生主義宣言(要約版)

Hebrew : המניפסטוהקונוויוויאליסטי